Holiday Lookbook 2017


Can you believe the holidays are already here?? It seems like just yesterday it was January 2017! Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while as I've been so busy with other projects (read: Garbed in Modesty Magazine) that I haven't had a chance to write here. I promise to do better in the new year! 

I really wanted to put together a non-traditional holiday lookbook, so my crew and I took off to Vegas and made this lookbook happen. I used Kali Rhe of Rhedeont Photography on the camera and Jonetta Davis of FaceChangeHer Makeup Artistry on this beat! Huge thanks to you both! Comment below and let me know which one of these looks is your favorite!


Look 1-1.jpg
Look 1-2.jpg
Look 1-3.jpg

Maybe you're like me and you live in black all year (and that's fine!). Jazz it up with a sexy top and a statement shoe. These glitter gold bow pumps have been my fave for over a year! And how awesome are these harem pants? Yes, harem pants can be dressy!



Look 2-1.jpg
Look 2-2.jpg
Look 2-3.jpg

A lot of people get intimidated when faced with a WHOLE sequin blazer, but it's really simple - pair it with a neutral. Whether you're rocking a solid piece like this gold blazer or a multi-colored sequin piece ('ll see), pairing it with a neutral creates balance.  I got this tulle dress from Lane Bryant on clearance eons ago, so don't kill me because you can't find it. I found you an alternative though...



Look 3-1.jpg
Look 3-2.jpg
Look 3-3.jpg

So CLEARLY, I was feeling myself! lol If you watch the video (yes, there's a video - I'll link below), I was literally dancing on a rooftop.  That's how good this jacket made me feel! I'm all about the appearance of fur, without actually killing an animal to get it, and this jacket delivers! 



Look 4-1.jpg
Look 4-2.jpg
Look 4-3.jpg

Remember that little rule about sequins and neutrals? applies here. I was walking around Vegas like I was THEE Selena Quintanilla! I really did have an amazing time shooting this lookbook. It took me out of my comfort zone and gave me such a greater level of respect for these fashion bloggers lol.  I repurposed the croptop from my GS two piece (with the harem pants) and wore it under my jacket. Speaking of...if you want this jacket, sorry...its vintage. I really recommend going to your local thrift and consignment shops to find a treasure of your own. 


If you haven't watched tis lookbook in video form, what are you waiting for? Check it out on my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE. I plan on shooting many more videos in 2018. 

Tell me which look was your favorite in the comment box and let m know about any other lookbooks you might want to see next year!


Fall Is Coming....What Are You Wearing This Season?

This week on Instagram we are offering tips of what key transitional pieces you need in your closet that can be brought from season to season, particularly this upcoming fall. I wanted to expand on this a little bit and create a mood board of what to expect to see this fall in terms of colors, patterns, and trends. I've put together some images that I really loved of runway looks from Fall 2017 Ready To Wear designers and fashion houses such as Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Antonio Marras, Marchesa, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Oscar de la Renta .

This year we can expect to see 70's plaid, Mid-length styled skirts/dresses, chocolate brown, navy blue, and red as dominant colors, vintage styled prints, jumpsuits, sparkly diamonds, and fur coats as leading styles this fall. With each collection that I chose the designers took their own spin to the story but the theme seemed remain fairly consistent for what to expect in our stores this fall. 

So now you may be wondering, "Where can I get styles like these.. but for less?" Look to fast fashion stores such as H&M, Zara, ASOS, Boohoo, and Forever 21 to see more affordable styles that are similar to these. 

Now that you are prepared for this falls freshest looks, leave a comment below and tell us what you think! 


Style Icon Profile: Tracee Ellis Ross

You might have seen the 2017 Golden Globe Winner for Best Actress - Tracee Ellis Ross on the hit show Black-ish. Born to the legacy of Diana Ross, Tracee has been exposed to talent and glamour all her life. Her career started in independent films and has expanded to TV host, comedian, model, producer and motivational speaker as well.

And of course a style icon.

Her personal style shines effortlessly whether she is gracing Hollywoods elite events or simply in her everyday life. My favorite thing about her style is she doesn’t play by the rules and she lets her creativity flow. I’ve chosen some of my favorite looks that I thought to be her best looks of 2017 so far!

The first look I've chosen is her Golden Globe's outfit! She wore a silver strapless Zuhair Murad Couture cage dress, pumps, and paired it bold diamond rings to top off the look. It was simple and classic in elegance but what really made her stand out at this event was the the lone jewelry she wore armored only in rings. Here she makes a statement with her choice to accessorize solely with her hands but aren't they the perfect match to go with her Globe award? 

Yes Tracee yesss! Can we just talk about the boot heaven Tracee has thrown me into? Her street style in New York this past February has been off the charts. Her casual chicness flows seamlessly through each of these photos where she rocks stylish handbags, tailored coats, and of course those boots!

Photo courtesy of  Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Lastly Tracee's Instagram is full of style inspiration. Follow her on Instagram to see for yourself! Whats there not to love about this look? The detailed jacket, giant earrings, white pointed pumps, and lace dress are all a big giant YASSS in my book. 

For more all things Tracee Ellis Ross check out her website where she talks style, beauty, hair, food, musings, and well-being. Let us know what you think!

All That Glitters: Elevating Your Style with Mixed Metals

I’ve been running The Business of Styling School for over a month now (#plug - if you’re an aspiring stylist, head over to the B.O.S.S. page to learn more) and I talk to roughly ten stylists every week.   The school doesn’t teach a stylist how to actually style; rather, it teaches how to run your business as a stylist. 

So, I was sitting in a session with one of my students (Hey Lani! lol) and I sent her some images to look at.  Immediately she says, “Eww. Who styled this? You can’t mix metals.” Now - I didn’t know how to respond.  One, because I am the person who styled it; and two, because mixing metals is not a crime.

While I grew up in the era where everyone was matching their shoes, scrunchies (yes, scrunchies) and shirts, I know that being matchy-matchy is totally not a thing now.  I remember my grandmother making sure that her shoes matched her handbag because God forbid she wore a cognac shoe with a black purse [insert eye roll here].

Back to Lani. I responded and said, “You don’t mix metals?” She said, “No. I think it’s tacky.”  Forty-five minutes later, I had converted her to a mixed metals believer.  And I intend to do the same with you now. :)

Photo cred:

Though there are in fact metals that may look “better” with certain colors, you can literally wear any metal with anything.  Take the color emerald green for instance.  Paired with silver, it looks cool and relaxed whereas gold makes emerald green appear more regal.  Throw on rose gold and the look instantly becomes feminine and soft. But if you wanted to wear multiple metals a one time, how would you do it?  I’m glad you asked.


Even though you're making gumbo with your jewelry, you still need a dominant color.  Much like making the NOLA staple with a roux base, you need to pick your metal base.  From there, you can choose another one or two metals to add to the mix.  Wearing a primary metal and then adding accents keeps the look cohesive and modern without making you look like a gypsy. 


Varying the texture of your jewelry brings visual interest to your overall look. You can do this by mixing a gold watch with a silver bangle and gold chain bracelet. My favorite texture to add is sparkles. Take a simple gold chain and add a shiny silver layer on top of it. Throw a matte metal necklace into the mix and you're good as gold! Get it? 


Photo cred:

Photo cred:

The chicest look when mixing metals is actually super simple.  Pair your mixed jewelry with a monochromatic look.  Everyone looks good in all black, but you can make unbroken black your very own by being mindful of the jewelry you're adding.  Not down for head to toe one color? Jus wear neutrals.  Take any of the pieces from The Essentials List and then pile on the glitz and glam! 

Are you down to try out mixed metals? Have you always been dope?  Or did I convert you? Let me know in the comments below. 

Flounce and Frills : Fun Summer Trend You Should Try!

We’re all about statement and personality pieces. When done right these items can add great value to your wardrobe to keep you fresh and fun for every occasion this summer. Our post on Instagram ( follow us if you don't already ) yesterday featuring the term flounce gave me a great idea for a blog post! What better way to tie in our weekly posting of #FashionFromALinetoZ than to write about it?

When I initially read the definition of flounce I was intrigued. To sum it up flounce is a wide strip of fabric sewn into a garment to exaggerate the character of the silhouette. After doing more research essentially this term is like ruffles. While I am not a huge fan of ruffles as it reminds me of my younger days (poufy dresses my mom used to dress me in, yuck) I liked the idea of the drama it could add to a garment. To get over my childhood fear, I decided to consider more variations of flounce styled garments. I was inspired by what I saw to give this trend another try this summer.

Karen Walker’s Spring/Summer 2017 gave me a newfound respect for ruffled pieces. She seamlessly intertwined both bold patterns and subtle colors together all the while not taking away from carefully detailed flounce she incorporated into each piece. The collection offers charm with its boyish tailoring and shock value with the frills and ruffles. I picked out four looks that I admired most in her collection and offer you to check out the rest at

In look one the two piece matching set is classically chic with its flounced cuffs and its twisted frilled bottoms. The neutral blues really let the eyes be drawn to the detail put into the set. Look two offers that pop of leopard print pattern paired with a peasant blouse to contrast.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Look three gives us a carefully crafted jacket with trimmed ruffles lining the torso giving it a more polished and shapely look. Lastly look four again uses those trimmed ruffles but this time to line the midsection and bottom of a short baby doll dress that is perfect for summer.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

All of these looks are ones I hope for you to try this summer! Send us pictures of your variation flounce styles! We would love to see how you rock your ruffles!


What To Pack for a Last Minute 4th of July Trip

Happy 4th of July!  Maybe you're spontaneous like me and don't really make plans until the day of. That has literally been my story all of my adult life. I'll kind of make plans, then cancel them and then at the last minute decide to do something completely different.  Today is no different. 

I had decided to just relax all day and pretty much do nothing and then I got a phone call from some friends who wanted to drive out to the country, do some shopping, then have dinner and watch fireworks.  So what's a girl to do? Throw together a quick day trip look. 

As much as I love long vacations and exotic trips, I LIVE for a weekend getaway or a day trip.  It allows me to pack a smaller bag and helps me to actually be decisive in pulling clothes. This Vessel duffle bag is such a great investment piece.  You'll be able to use it for a quick trip with the girls or a weekend away with your boo and it's even great as a carry-on bag for flights. 

Since we'll be in the car for a while, I figured I'd just throw on some jeans and t-shirt, but let's elevate it. These Saint Laurent boyfriend jeans are the perfect foundation for this Free People off shoulder tee.  I'm just throwing on some slip on navy blue sneakers from Nordstrom to get in the car. This look is cute, flirty and perfect to stay cool in the heat. 

Back to my duffle bag…I need to pack something for the evening. I definitely want to look festive, but also chic for dinner. This ASOS maxi dress is the perfect combination of patriotic and cool.  Add these Topshop block heels for comfort and functionality and the look is done. 

Almost forgot.  You'll need sunnies and some type of bag for your essentials. I'm totally loving these white sunglasses from ASOS right now. This red crossbody bag from Zara is perfect for keeping you hands-free while you shop and even when you go to watch fireworks. 

Recreate these looks from your closet or follow the links provided. Have a great 4th of July!

PJ's All Day-yay!

Photo cred: L-R  Style Lovely ,  Mia's Look  and  Popsugar

Photo cred: L-R Style Lovely, Mia's Look and Popsugar

A while back, I went shopping for an editorial shoot that I am working on and stumbled upon something pretty dope.  I was actually looking for a cute printed suit and couldn't find anything that was suitable (get it? lol).  I found one suit that was perfect but I really needed pants instead of the fully lined knee length skirt that accompanied this awesome jacket. So...I did something unconventional.  I went to the lingerie section. 

I'm not sure what made me do it.  Maybe it's because the trend was in the atmosphere unbeknownst to me.  Perhaps God had the ram in the bush for me. IDK what it was, but I was boosted when I found this printed pajama set.  I stood in the store with my mother for about 10 minutes talking through my concept of how I can manipulate the pj set and make it appropriate for this shoot I was gonna do a month or so down the road. 

Photos via Pinterest

Photos via Pinterest

About a week after I purchased the beautiful silk pj set (which I thrifted for a whopping $4.95), I started seeing all of these street style photos of women in Europe wearing silk pajama sets during the day.  I was like...bruh...this is real!  Here I was ahead of the curve and didn't even know it!

Photo cred: L-R via La Perla, via Victoria's Secret, via Neiman Marcus, via Macy's

Photo cred: L-R via La Perla, via Victoria's Secret, via Neiman Marcus, via Macy's

If you're ready to jump right into this trend, you can cop yourself a nice pj set like this one from (my favorite lingerie brand) La Perla.  I like this one because of the masculine details and neutral color. PLUS anything La Perla will last you for the rest of your life...I promise!  Looking for a black set that's a little more affordable? Victoria's Secret makes a comparable look for just $78! This same set is also available in a few fun prints. Speaking of printed, I'm totally loving this oriental printed pj set from Neiman Marcus; it even has a chic mandarin collar.  Maybe you're into bold colors? Kate Spade (love!) makes a super cute red and white pajama set that's available at Macy's. 

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE lingerie! Aside from shoes, it's my favorite thing to buy.  Not only do I wear it around the house all alone (DO!), but I also mix it into my regular wardrobe in unique ways. Here are some cool ways to subtly integrate the pajama trend into your wardrobe:

Photo cred: Pinterest

Photo cred: Pinterest

  • Throw a silk robe over a basic tee and jeans
  • Pair printed pajama pants with a solid top
  • Wear a fitted white tee/tank underneath your pj suit 
  • Rock the top like a blazer 
  • Add some popping accessories

How do you see yourself rocking the pajama trend? Leave me a note in my comments and let me know how you're feeling about this one. 

I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

We've all been there: you KNOW you have something planned and you keep telling yourself that you will figure out what to wear soon. And it seems like soon doesn't come until the day of the thing you have planned. And're late. 

You may not be as frantic as White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland but I definitely know the anxiety of running late and being unprepared.  If you are one of those ladies who is going out with the boo (Thank GOD mine is booked AND out of state) or having a "Galentine's Day" with your girls (all of my friends ALSO live out of state), and you don't have an outfit picked out, don't fret! I have taken the time to put together a few really cute looks that you can throw together with things that you probably (read: hopefully) already have in your closet.  I'm not going to tag where the items are from as the whole point is to rock something you already own; however, if you're interested in outfit deets, leave me a comment.  We're gonna break these down by occasion 

FOR WORK: Obviously, you aren't going to have these exact items, but you get the idea.  What is stopping you from bringing a little romance into your office on Valentine's Day morning? Rock a printed bottom to give a little visual interest with a solid top to bring a bit of balance. That's a cute look all by itself, but the neutral bootie and bag paired with the simple pearls add a bit of sass and class.

FOR HOME: So maybe you're like me and you're staying home for Valentine's Day.  This is a great way to be cute at home but pulled together at the same time.  Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I LOVE gray jogger pants. They. Go. With. Everything. Idc, idc. Throwing on the holiday shirt keeps your spirits bright and reminds you that it's a day to <3. In the event someone calls you to do something super last minute, throw the on top of your flat twists (let's be honest, your hair is probably still twisted) and put on the shoes for a little fancy pop. I live for upscale casual looks (I think I made that up). And yes, I would wear these shoes any and everywhere. 

FOR GIRL'S NIGHT: It's Galentine's Day! You and your girls are going out for a great night. Maybe dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing or maybe you're going hottie hopping (this is when you and your friends go to different places and scope out the menzzzz).  Either way, you probably want to wear something that can transition throughout the night. We all have that one friend who comes up with the last minute idea to hit an after-hours spot before IHOP and bed (I'm that friend). Throw on a jumpsuit! Accessorize it however you want to. It's a jumpsuit. And yes, there is a jumpsuit for every body type. I plan on teaching on this in a later post. 

FOR THE NEW GUY: So your (kinda) cute co-worker asked you out on a date. It's just a date - I'm not judging you. For someone who wants to get out of the house, it definitely beats staying in and Netflix and Chilling by yourself. But, because he's new and you don't want to give him too much, this look is perfect and darling. It's cute enough to make an impression but not so cute that you can't cut him off if the date sucks. Remember, flaunt the one feautre that you love and keep everything else under wraps. 

FOR HUSBAE: LIsten...if I was going to be out with my man, this is exactly what I would wear.  I have a version of this is in my closet right now. It's sexy and perfect for a beautiful night out with the man that you love. If you aren't feeling too comfortable with all of this body ody ody, layer it with a cute, fitted blazer to maintain a little more modesty. Best advice I have on this one: throw on the article of clothing that makes you feel like a queen. If you feel gorgeous, your man will have to acknowledge your inner and outer radiance. 

That's all.  Drop a comment below and let me know which outfit is your fave. If you have fashion questions, you can drop them in the comments as well. I'm looking to answer your toughest questions on this site. Also, feel free to share and connect with #TheModernDisciple on social media. :)