I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

We've all been there: you KNOW you have something planned and you keep telling yourself that you will figure out what to wear soon. And it seems like soon doesn't come until the day of the thing you have planned. And now...you're late. 

You may not be as frantic as White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland but I definitely know the anxiety of running late and being unprepared.  If you are one of those ladies who is going out with the boo (Thank GOD mine is booked AND out of state) or having a "Galentine's Day" with your girls (all of my friends ALSO live out of state), and you don't have an outfit picked out, don't fret! I have taken the time to put together a few really cute looks that you can throw together with things that you probably (read: hopefully) already have in your closet.  I'm not going to tag where the items are from as the whole point is to rock something you already own; however, if you're interested in outfit deets, leave me a comment.  We're gonna break these down by occasion 

FOR WORK: Obviously, you aren't going to have these exact items, but you get the idea.  What is stopping you from bringing a little romance into your office on Valentine's Day morning? Rock a printed bottom to give a little visual interest with a solid top to bring a bit of balance. That's a cute look all by itself, but the neutral bootie and bag paired with the simple pearls add a bit of sass and class.

FOR HOME: So maybe you're like me and you're staying home for Valentine's Day.  This is a great way to be cute at home but pulled together at the same time.  Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I LOVE gray jogger pants. They. Go. With. Everything. Idc, idc. Throwing on the holiday shirt keeps your spirits bright and reminds you that it's a day to <3. In the event someone calls you to do something super last minute, throw the on top of your flat twists (let's be honest, your hair is probably still twisted) and put on the shoes for a little fancy pop. I live for upscale casual looks (I think I made that up). And yes, I would wear these shoes any and everywhere. 

FOR GIRL'S NIGHT: It's Galentine's Day! You and your girls are going out for a great night. Maybe dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing or maybe you're going hottie hopping (this is when you and your friends go to different places and scope out the menzzzz).  Either way, you probably want to wear something that can transition throughout the night. We all have that one friend who comes up with the last minute idea to hit an after-hours spot before IHOP and bed (I'm that friend). Throw on a jumpsuit! Accessorize it however you want to. It's a jumpsuit. And yes, there is a jumpsuit for every body type. I plan on teaching on this in a later post. 

FOR THE NEW GUY: So your (kinda) cute co-worker asked you out on a date. It's just a date - I'm not judging you. For someone who wants to get out of the house, it definitely beats staying in and Netflix and Chilling by yourself. But, because he's new and you don't want to give him too much, this look is perfect and darling. It's cute enough to make an impression but not so cute that you can't cut him off if the date sucks. Remember, flaunt the one feautre that you love and keep everything else under wraps. 

FOR HUSBAE: LIsten...if I was going to be out with my man, this is exactly what I would wear.  I have a version of this is in my closet right now. It's sexy and perfect for a beautiful night out with the man that you love. If you aren't feeling too comfortable with all of this body ody ody, layer it with a cute, fitted blazer to maintain a little more modesty. Best advice I have on this one: throw on the article of clothing that makes you feel like a queen. If you feel gorgeous, your man will have to acknowledge your inner and outer radiance. 

That's all.  Drop a comment below and let me know which outfit is your fave. If you have fashion questions, you can drop them in the comments as well. I'm looking to answer your toughest questions on this site. Also, feel free to share and connect with #TheModernDisciple on social media. :)