Holiday Lookbook 2017


Can you believe the holidays are already here?? It seems like just yesterday it was January 2017! Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while as I've been so busy with other projects (read: Garbed in Modesty Magazine) that I haven't had a chance to write here. I promise to do better in the new year! 

I really wanted to put together a non-traditional holiday lookbook, so my crew and I took off to Vegas and made this lookbook happen. I used Kali Rhe of Rhedeont Photography on the camera and Jonetta Davis of FaceChangeHer Makeup Artistry on this beat! Huge thanks to you both! Comment below and let me know which one of these looks is your favorite!


Look 1-1.jpg
Look 1-2.jpg
Look 1-3.jpg

Maybe you're like me and you live in black all year (and that's fine!). Jazz it up with a sexy top and a statement shoe. These glitter gold bow pumps have been my fave for over a year! And how awesome are these harem pants? Yes, harem pants can be dressy!



Look 2-1.jpg
Look 2-2.jpg
Look 2-3.jpg

A lot of people get intimidated when faced with a WHOLE sequin blazer, but it's really simple - pair it with a neutral. Whether you're rocking a solid piece like this gold blazer or a multi-colored sequin piece ('ll see), pairing it with a neutral creates balance.  I got this tulle dress from Lane Bryant on clearance eons ago, so don't kill me because you can't find it. I found you an alternative though...



Look 3-1.jpg
Look 3-2.jpg
Look 3-3.jpg

So CLEARLY, I was feeling myself! lol If you watch the video (yes, there's a video - I'll link below), I was literally dancing on a rooftop.  That's how good this jacket made me feel! I'm all about the appearance of fur, without actually killing an animal to get it, and this jacket delivers! 



Look 4-1.jpg
Look 4-2.jpg
Look 4-3.jpg

Remember that little rule about sequins and neutrals? applies here. I was walking around Vegas like I was THEE Selena Quintanilla! I really did have an amazing time shooting this lookbook. It took me out of my comfort zone and gave me such a greater level of respect for these fashion bloggers lol.  I repurposed the croptop from my GS two piece (with the harem pants) and wore it under my jacket. Speaking of...if you want this jacket, sorry...its vintage. I really recommend going to your local thrift and consignment shops to find a treasure of your own. 


If you haven't watched tis lookbook in video form, what are you waiting for? Check it out on my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE. I plan on shooting many more videos in 2018. 

Tell me which look was your favorite in the comment box and let m know about any other lookbooks you might want to see next year!


Managing Stress In the Fashion Industry

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We all deal with a certain level of stress throughout our lives. Whether it is work or just life related we tend to become so stressed out that we become burnt out. Burnout is described as and "emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress."  

With the fashion industry being one of the most intense and competitive industries to be apart of you are almost guaranteed to become stressed out at some point in your career. If you are a stylist, designer, model, PR agent, intern, buyer, ect you will have deadlines, important projects, and little time to do them in our fast paced world. Stress is not always the worst thing in the world. As designer of 1205 and artistic director of footwear label John Lobb, Paula Gerbase offers this perspective on stress:


While yes stress can be good it also is important to be mindful of where to draw the line for your own sake. I'll be providing some tips on how to mange those stressful moments and how to keep you from getting that burnt out feeling in the first place. 

  1. Turn off your work phone on the weekends. It's okay to take time away for yourself even if its just for a day or two. Stop checking your emails and text messages and allow yourself to breath and relax. 
  2. Exercise. Studies have shown that when you exercise chemicals that reduce stress are released in your body. When your body is in the right place your mind is sure to follow. 
  3. Learn to say no. It's very easy to take on too many projects in this industry because you just don't know how to say no. Setting boundaries for yourself will help you build the confidence you need to pursue the projects that you really want to take on. The best way to do this is to be precise and honest when turning someone/something down. 
  4. Sleep. This one is simple. Get some rest so you can do your best.
  5. Manage your time. Its okay to multi-task to a certain extent. Creating a schedule and keeping a calendar (google calendar is great) will be extremely helpful with this.

Life is all about finding a balance and with these tips I hope that you will be able to relieve some stress in your busy industry life. Comment below your thoughts!

Personal Stylist Tips: Organizational Tools

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Behind all of the glitz and glam of being a personal stylist one must become extremely organized to be successful. When balancing multiple clients, photoshoots, deadlines, pulls, files, and more; it is essential that you have the necessary materials to keep you on top of your game.  I've listed some of tools that we use here at The Modern Disciple that will keep you organized to maximize time and help ease your work week.

MD Google.png

Google calendar is one of the most efficient ways for you to plan out your days in one simple and easy place. With your Gmail account you can automatically have events and meetings scheduled right to your calendar. You can share your calendar directly with others such so they can view your schedule. You also have the ability to create a calendar that multiple people can edit so there are no scheduling conflicts. Google will also notify you of upcoming events/meetings so you are always in the loop. This tool is especially helpful to you as a stylist because it eases communication efforts between you and your clients and/or staff and will keep you notified throughout your day of things you have coming up.

With the use of Trello storing our client information has never been easier. This website provides you with a great space to create a board where you can create a pipeline of your client contact information along with any additional details you may want to add. We have set up our board so that you can see information on prospective clients, current clients, former clients, and so on in stages. From there you can edit each of your client cards with contact info, links, schedule dates, and more!


Canva has been a godsend when it comes to making graphics for just about any of our design needs. The website (and app) provides you with custom made layouts that can be edited to your needs with a simple to use program setup. It provides you with millions of images, photo filters, free icons/shapes, and hundreds of fonts. No need to spend hours in photoshop or illustrator!




If you have ever used a google spreadsheet we highly recommend using this for your business needs. This is a great way to track your social media, clients, spending, or wardrobe pieces in a single file. When using one of these spreadsheets through google you are able to share this file with your team so they have access to the information and can edit right into the sheet. Another great feature to this is that it saves automatically! This program works very much like micorsoft Excel (which is another program we love)!


All of these programs and websites have been amazing resources that have assisted us in staying organized and prepared as a stylist. Let us know if you try one of these out and if it works for you!

Dates, Dates, Dates!

[MD] Dates Blog Header.png

If you've been paying ANY attention to any of my personal social media, then you'll know that Stella has, in fact, gotten her groove back! Okurrr?! I have legit spent the last ten years of my life working on my education and career goals with little to no attention on my personal life.  As I'm sailing into my 30's (October's Very Own), I decided that it was time for me to really spend some time paying attention to my love life and friendships.  

With that being said, I am gearing up for my last little round of Summer dates.  Since I was planning my own looks, I thought I'd share some of my ideas for these late August and early September date nights. 


For a casual date night, I like to be comfortable.  Though heels can work with just about any look, going flat works too. My first casual date look is somewhat unexpected. I am totally here for a bodycon tank dress with a denim jacket. It's fun and effortless and can be dressed up or down. Don't own a bodycon dress? Throw on a bodycon skirt with a tank and a denim shirt in a print. 

For my second casual look, I'm going super classic: white top and jeans. Though I DO love this simple look with a pair of heels (preferably printed and open toe), a cute pair of metallic loafers or pointed toe flats work too. Because I love ladylike details, I would opt for a sheer or lace top with longsleeves, but throw on a chic tank or short sleeve blouse if that's your thing. Keep it simple on the accessories. 


Though I love movie night or hanging out at putt-putt golf where I can dress a bit more casual, I am a girl's girl at my core; I LOVE To dress up! The quickest thing to throw on for a dinner date is a maxi dress. If sexy is your thing,  find a dress with a low cut neckline. If prints are your go-to, then a floral maxi is perfect. And if you're a bit more traditional, black is easy and can be accessorized however you like.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love juxtaposition when dressing, so hard and soft are totally my thing. One of the easiest ways to achieve this aesthetic is with leather and mesh.  Keep this look classy by rocking a monochromatic palette.  And don't worry, you can always put a black tank underneath your sheer top to keep it modest. Opt for pants or a great midi skirt with black pumps for a look that'll turn heads.

Which look would you rock this weekend?  What are some of your favorite date night ideas? Comment below and let me know.  

Fall Is Coming....What Are You Wearing This Season?

This week on Instagram we are offering tips of what key transitional pieces you need in your closet that can be brought from season to season, particularly this upcoming fall. I wanted to expand on this a little bit and create a mood board of what to expect to see this fall in terms of colors, patterns, and trends. I've put together some images that I really loved of runway looks from Fall 2017 Ready To Wear designers and fashion houses such as Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Antonio Marras, Marchesa, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Oscar de la Renta .

This year we can expect to see 70's plaid, Mid-length styled skirts/dresses, chocolate brown, navy blue, and red as dominant colors, vintage styled prints, jumpsuits, sparkly diamonds, and fur coats as leading styles this fall. With each collection that I chose the designers took their own spin to the story but the theme seemed remain fairly consistent for what to expect in our stores this fall. 

So now you may be wondering, "Where can I get styles like these.. but for less?" Look to fast fashion stores such as H&M, Zara, ASOS, Boohoo, and Forever 21 to see more affordable styles that are similar to these. 

Now that you are prepared for this falls freshest looks, leave a comment below and tell us what you think! 


From Boys to Men: Tips on Updating Your Wardrobe

Gentlemen, this one is for you.

Have you been sporting that old sweatshirt from college or slightly too big suit for longer than you would like to admit? Do you have too many old graphic tees and holly jeans that you never wear just sitting in your closet? If so, its time you revamp your wardrobe ASAP! No need to worry we've got a few tips up our sleeve to help your style make the transition from boyhood to manliness. 

1. We'll start with the basics. Don't be afraid to spend a little bit more money on those essential pieces. Quality versus quantity goes a long way in the game of style in that it pays to look better with items that last longer. Investing in these pieces ( <-- to your left) will having you looking sharp through many wears so you wont have to rush out and buy another pair. Remember the foundation is everything.

2. Befriend a good tailor. The power behind a good tailor cannot be stressed enough! Proper fitting clothes make you look much more polished in professional settings and more put together in a casual one. Finding a good tailor will also save you money in the long run because instead of having to toss the clothes that are too big for you, you can have them fitted perfectly to your needs.

3. Be mindful of your body type. While a tailor may solve many of your problems its important to keep in mind your body type while you are out shopping for yourself. Certain prints and cuts are things to consider when looking for what is most flattering on you. There are a few different body types:

  • The Average Build: This consists of broad shoulders, lean legs, and slight definition overall. With this body shape you can pull off a variety of prints (this includes both horizontal and vertical) with ease. You'll want to emphasize your lean/athletic build so paying attention to the shape of your clothes is important.
  • The Inverted Triangle: This is typically what we would refer to as the athletic build. This person would have larger proportions than the average build in that your chest is broader but your waist is slim. When it comes to tops, crewnecks and V-necks will work more in you favor to draw more attention to your waist. As for patters just keep in mind that horizontal lines will make you look wider. We suggest looking for slim bottoms to accommodate for your narrow waist and if you aren't finding anything that fits that is where your tailor comes in.
  • The Rectangle: A narrow build, or simply put straight up and down best describes this figure. The hips are narrower than the shoulders and chest but only slightly and most likely lacks in muscle definition. To add definition through clothing laying is the way to go. Add a jacket to give more definition in the shoulders or where skinnier bottoms to give the illusion of an inverted triangle. Luckily patterns are not a concern for this body type because you could pretty much get away with anything (but don't go crazy lol).
  • The Triangle: A little cushion for the pushin is how I describe this shape. This silhouette consists of larger midsection than the rest of the body. Adding structure to up top, paying attention to color (black is your bff), and leaving horizontal stripes behind will instantly slim your figure. Opt for straight leg trousers when shopping for bottoms as this will add more visual balance to your overall appearance.

And wait... there's more! Don't forget about your height. If you can't find anything that fits how it should again this is where your tailor comes in.

4. Accessorize. Don't be afraid to spice up your style with some accessories.  Once you move past the basics (aka the watch) its time to step your game with some simple add ons. The best part is you can be as cheap as you want and still look great!

5. Disregard Trends. Just for now. Since you're probably building your wardrobe to where it needs to be its best to avoid buying something that is super on trend. Building a timeless style first is will help set the foundation for how you want to portray yourself. From there you can build your image by adding more trendy pieces to your now solid wardrobe.

Keeping all these things in mind when building your wardrobe will get you off to a great start on your journey to your most stylish self. If there's more to add that you think I missed comment below I would love to hear your thoughts!

Style Icon Profile: Tracee Ellis Ross

You might have seen the 2017 Golden Globe Winner for Best Actress - Tracee Ellis Ross on the hit show Black-ish. Born to the legacy of Diana Ross, Tracee has been exposed to talent and glamour all her life. Her career started in independent films and has expanded to TV host, comedian, model, producer and motivational speaker as well.

And of course a style icon.

Her personal style shines effortlessly whether she is gracing Hollywoods elite events or simply in her everyday life. My favorite thing about her style is she doesn’t play by the rules and she lets her creativity flow. I’ve chosen some of my favorite looks that I thought to be her best looks of 2017 so far!

The first look I've chosen is her Golden Globe's outfit! She wore a silver strapless Zuhair Murad Couture cage dress, pumps, and paired it bold diamond rings to top off the look. It was simple and classic in elegance but what really made her stand out at this event was the the lone jewelry she wore armored only in rings. Here she makes a statement with her choice to accessorize solely with her hands but aren't they the perfect match to go with her Globe award? 

Yes Tracee yesss! Can we just talk about the boot heaven Tracee has thrown me into? Her street style in New York this past February has been off the charts. Her casual chicness flows seamlessly through each of these photos where she rocks stylish handbags, tailored coats, and of course those boots!

Photo courtesy of  Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Lastly Tracee's Instagram is full of style inspiration. Follow her on Instagram to see for yourself! Whats there not to love about this look? The detailed jacket, giant earrings, white pointed pumps, and lace dress are all a big giant YASSS in my book. 

For more all things Tracee Ellis Ross check out her website where she talks style, beauty, hair, food, musings, and well-being. Let us know what you think!

Date Night Fine

The word "date" is defined as, "a social or romantic appointment or engagement."

Yes...unfortunately, I had to look up what the word meant in order to write this post.  I've been so out of the game, I didn't even know what the word meant.  It's not that I'm single (and my boyfriend isn't a loser), but we just haven't had time to get together and hang out (long distance relationship problems).  But guess what? I got a date, y'all!

It's Friday night and I have a date.  In trying to figure out what to wear for a last minute outing, I found myself looking to my style icon Kim Kardashian (y'all can hate her if you want...idc) for some inspiration.  Like Kim, most of my closet is neutrals and shiny stuff, so I knew that she could help me. 

Though I found a few looks of Kim's that I liked, I didn't see anything that really stood out to me.  So in combining a few of her looks and skimming my wardrobe, I was able to put together a look that I feel is sexy without being too revealing but will make my man do a double take.

I LOVE lingerie for public wearing.  A lot of people won't agree or wouldn't dare, but I was rocking a silk cami and blazer back in high school.  Now that I'm almost 30 (yikes!), I know how to push the limits a bit.  

Putting on a lace bodysuit (even if it's under another shirt) instantly ups the sex appeal in any look. Why? It's not really about other people seeing it as much as it's about knowing that you have it on.  Think about the way you feel walking around in your sexiest pair of underwear - wearing a bodysuit multiplies that feeling by 1000 easily. 

I'm pairing my lace bodysuit with a simple, bodycon midi skirt by Vince Camuto. I love the length of a midi skirt.  Even though it covers 90% of your leg, there is something intriguing about that hemline.  

Rounding out the look is a sheer duster coat.  This is a great way to cover up your back and arms without being completely concealed.  If the sheer duster is a bit too revealing for you, throw on a classic white button down tied at the waist.  Add some simple strappy heels and jewelry to complete the ensemble. 

What do you think?  Would you wear lingerie in public? Drop a comment below. I'll be sure to post pics on my Instagram so follow me and stay tuned. 

All That Glitters: Elevating Your Style with Mixed Metals

I’ve been running The Business of Styling School for over a month now (#plug - if you’re an aspiring stylist, head over to the B.O.S.S. page to learn more) and I talk to roughly ten stylists every week.   The school doesn’t teach a stylist how to actually style; rather, it teaches how to run your business as a stylist. 

So, I was sitting in a session with one of my students (Hey Lani! lol) and I sent her some images to look at.  Immediately she says, “Eww. Who styled this? You can’t mix metals.” Now - I didn’t know how to respond.  One, because I am the person who styled it; and two, because mixing metals is not a crime.

While I grew up in the era where everyone was matching their shoes, scrunchies (yes, scrunchies) and shirts, I know that being matchy-matchy is totally not a thing now.  I remember my grandmother making sure that her shoes matched her handbag because God forbid she wore a cognac shoe with a black purse [insert eye roll here].

Back to Lani. I responded and said, “You don’t mix metals?” She said, “No. I think it’s tacky.”  Forty-five minutes later, I had converted her to a mixed metals believer.  And I intend to do the same with you now. :)

Photo cred:

Though there are in fact metals that may look “better” with certain colors, you can literally wear any metal with anything.  Take the color emerald green for instance.  Paired with silver, it looks cool and relaxed whereas gold makes emerald green appear more regal.  Throw on rose gold and the look instantly becomes feminine and soft. But if you wanted to wear multiple metals a one time, how would you do it?  I’m glad you asked.


Even though you're making gumbo with your jewelry, you still need a dominant color.  Much like making the NOLA staple with a roux base, you need to pick your metal base.  From there, you can choose another one or two metals to add to the mix.  Wearing a primary metal and then adding accents keeps the look cohesive and modern without making you look like a gypsy. 


Varying the texture of your jewelry brings visual interest to your overall look. You can do this by mixing a gold watch with a silver bangle and gold chain bracelet. My favorite texture to add is sparkles. Take a simple gold chain and add a shiny silver layer on top of it. Throw a matte metal necklace into the mix and you're good as gold! Get it? 


Photo cred:&nbsp;

Photo cred:

The chicest look when mixing metals is actually super simple.  Pair your mixed jewelry with a monochromatic look.  Everyone looks good in all black, but you can make unbroken black your very own by being mindful of the jewelry you're adding.  Not down for head to toe one color? Jus wear neutrals.  Take any of the pieces from The Essentials List and then pile on the glitz and glam! 

Are you down to try out mixed metals? Have you always been dope?  Or did I convert you? Let me know in the comments below. 

Flounce and Frills : Fun Summer Trend You Should Try!

We’re all about statement and personality pieces. When done right these items can add great value to your wardrobe to keep you fresh and fun for every occasion this summer. Our post on Instagram ( follow us if you don't already ) yesterday featuring the term flounce gave me a great idea for a blog post! What better way to tie in our weekly posting of #FashionFromALinetoZ than to write about it?

When I initially read the definition of flounce I was intrigued. To sum it up flounce is a wide strip of fabric sewn into a garment to exaggerate the character of the silhouette. After doing more research essentially this term is like ruffles. While I am not a huge fan of ruffles as it reminds me of my younger days (poufy dresses my mom used to dress me in, yuck) I liked the idea of the drama it could add to a garment. To get over my childhood fear, I decided to consider more variations of flounce styled garments. I was inspired by what I saw to give this trend another try this summer.

Karen Walker’s Spring/Summer 2017 gave me a newfound respect for ruffled pieces. She seamlessly intertwined both bold patterns and subtle colors together all the while not taking away from carefully detailed flounce she incorporated into each piece. The collection offers charm with its boyish tailoring and shock value with the frills and ruffles. I picked out four looks that I admired most in her collection and offer you to check out the rest at

In look one the two piece matching set is classically chic with its flounced cuffs and its twisted frilled bottoms. The neutral blues really let the eyes be drawn to the detail put into the set. Look two offers that pop of leopard print pattern paired with a peasant blouse to contrast.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Look three gives us a carefully crafted jacket with trimmed ruffles lining the torso giving it a more polished and shapely look. Lastly look four again uses those trimmed ruffles but this time to line the midsection and bottom of a short baby doll dress that is perfect for summer.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

All of these looks are ones I hope for you to try this summer! Send us pictures of your variation flounce styles! We would love to see how you rock your ruffles!


What To Pack for a Last Minute 4th of July Trip

Happy 4th of July!  Maybe you're spontaneous like me and don't really make plans until the day of. That has literally been my story all of my adult life. I'll kind of make plans, then cancel them and then at the last minute decide to do something completely different.  Today is no different. 

I had decided to just relax all day and pretty much do nothing and then I got a phone call from some friends who wanted to drive out to the country, do some shopping, then have dinner and watch fireworks.  So what's a girl to do? Throw together a quick day trip look. 

As much as I love long vacations and exotic trips, I LIVE for a weekend getaway or a day trip.  It allows me to pack a smaller bag and helps me to actually be decisive in pulling clothes. This Vessel duffle bag is such a great investment piece.  You'll be able to use it for a quick trip with the girls or a weekend away with your boo and it's even great as a carry-on bag for flights. 

Since we'll be in the car for a while, I figured I'd just throw on some jeans and t-shirt, but let's elevate it. These Saint Laurent boyfriend jeans are the perfect foundation for this Free People off shoulder tee.  I'm just throwing on some slip on navy blue sneakers from Nordstrom to get in the car. This look is cute, flirty and perfect to stay cool in the heat. 

Back to my duffle bag…I need to pack something for the evening. I definitely want to look festive, but also chic for dinner. This ASOS maxi dress is the perfect combination of patriotic and cool.  Add these Topshop block heels for comfort and functionality and the look is done. 

Almost forgot.  You'll need sunnies and some type of bag for your essentials. I'm totally loving these white sunglasses from ASOS right now. This red crossbody bag from Zara is perfect for keeping you hands-free while you shop and even when you go to watch fireworks. 

Recreate these looks from your closet or follow the links provided. Have a great 4th of July!

PJ's All Day-yay!

Photo cred: L-R  Style Lovely ,  Mia's Look  and  Popsugar

Photo cred: L-R Style Lovely, Mia's Look and Popsugar

A while back, I went shopping for an editorial shoot that I am working on and stumbled upon something pretty dope.  I was actually looking for a cute printed suit and couldn't find anything that was suitable (get it? lol).  I found one suit that was perfect but I really needed pants instead of the fully lined knee length skirt that accompanied this awesome jacket. So...I did something unconventional.  I went to the lingerie section. 

I'm not sure what made me do it.  Maybe it's because the trend was in the atmosphere unbeknownst to me.  Perhaps God had the ram in the bush for me. IDK what it was, but I was boosted when I found this printed pajama set.  I stood in the store with my mother for about 10 minutes talking through my concept of how I can manipulate the pj set and make it appropriate for this shoot I was gonna do a month or so down the road. 

Photos via Pinterest

Photos via Pinterest

About a week after I purchased the beautiful silk pj set (which I thrifted for a whopping $4.95), I started seeing all of these street style photos of women in Europe wearing silk pajama sets during the day.  I was like...bruh...this is real!  Here I was ahead of the curve and didn't even know it!

Photo cred: L-R via La Perla, via Victoria's Secret, via Neiman Marcus, via Macy's

Photo cred: L-R via La Perla, via Victoria's Secret, via Neiman Marcus, via Macy's

If you're ready to jump right into this trend, you can cop yourself a nice pj set like this one from (my favorite lingerie brand) La Perla.  I like this one because of the masculine details and neutral color. PLUS anything La Perla will last you for the rest of your life...I promise!  Looking for a black set that's a little more affordable? Victoria's Secret makes a comparable look for just $78! This same set is also available in a few fun prints. Speaking of printed, I'm totally loving this oriental printed pj set from Neiman Marcus; it even has a chic mandarin collar.  Maybe you're into bold colors? Kate Spade (love!) makes a super cute red and white pajama set that's available at Macy's. 

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE lingerie! Aside from shoes, it's my favorite thing to buy.  Not only do I wear it around the house all alone (DO!), but I also mix it into my regular wardrobe in unique ways. Here are some cool ways to subtly integrate the pajama trend into your wardrobe:

Photo cred: Pinterest

Photo cred: Pinterest

  • Throw a silk robe over a basic tee and jeans
  • Pair printed pajama pants with a solid top
  • Wear a fitted white tee/tank underneath your pj suit 
  • Rock the top like a blazer 
  • Add some popping accessories

How do you see yourself rocking the pajama trend? Leave me a note in my comments and let me know how you're feeling about this one. 

The Wonderful World of Marchesa

Georgina Chapman (left) and Keren Craig (right): Image:&nbsp;&nbsp;Marchesa

Georgina Chapman (left) and Keren Craig (right): Image:  Marchesa

This is a blog post by Courtney Duke, Fashion Intern at The Modern Disciple. 

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig began their couture and evening wear fashion empire Marchesa in 2004. The two met at Chelsea School of Art and Design in London and bonded over their love for fashion. Chapman began her career as a costume designer and Craig worked as a textile designer before Marchesa. The two are inspired by Madame Gres, Madeline Vionnet, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. 



Marchesa is named after Marchesa Luisa Casati, “a belle époque aristocrat renowned for her flamboyant tastes.”  When they started out, they were talked about for having nothing but a whole bunch of money (and no fashion experience). Founded in 2004, the ladies took a risk by creating solely special occasion and red carpet gowns. Chapman and Craig now oversee 12 collections (four for the original Marchesa line, four for Marchesa Notte, two for bridal and two for handbags) as well as the recently launched shoe and jewelry lines.

“We used red-carpet dressing as a marketing tool,” says Chapman, noting that she and Craig saw how the paparazzi and celebrity buzz blogs and publications were upping the ante in terms of fashion coverage. ”We thought if we could get red carpet, people would notice,” she adds. Though those in the industry initially questioned their actual talent and ability, their average client tends to be the stars that grace the red carpet. This includes people such as Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, Kerry Washington, and many more. Their timeless glamour creations are aimed for women of all ages.

From left to right: Diane Kruger, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Penelope Cruz and Kate Beckinsale

From left to right: Diane Kruger, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Penelope Cruz and Kate Beckinsale

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman at their Fall 2015 show at New York Fashion Week; image: Imaxtree

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman at their Fall 2015 show at New York Fashion Week; image: Imaxtree

Chapman is cited saying that she and movie producing husband Harry Weinstein typically watch three to four movies a week and the big screen is a huge source of inspiration for her.  Though she spends a great deal of time on the red carpet herself, Chapman is not alone in the creative direction of Marchesa.  Craig is noted for finding inspirations in her travel.  Her 2015 journey to UAE, Dubai and Saudi Arabia was documented for Harper's Bazaar.  A tenacious mother and business woman, Craig actually gave birth and attended her own fashion show in the same week.  This is one of the greatest reasons we love their brand.  Not only are their gowns exquisite and right in line with The Modern Disciple aesthetic, but they are multi-tasking business women who thrive in managing their careers and their homes. 

IMAGES: Marchesa

IMAGES: Marchesa

Marchesa’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection feature lace, rainbow-bow embroidery, fringe, and satin all blended together perfectly to make a luxury collection perfect for the red carpet. This collection was inspired by imperial China by the way they pay tribute to bold and extravagant styles.

Springspiration Edit

You read that right: Springspiration!
I don't know about you but I am sick of this flip-flopping weather. I have never been a huge fan of the Spring or Summer months, but I decided that this year I was going to be better about my fashion choices (I usually just wear joggers and a t-shirt because I hate the heat so much).

I read an article over at Fashionista about the 6 Spring Clothing Trends According to Pinterest and Polyvore and saw some really dope ideas. The trends they listed were:

  • Mustard Yellow
  • Off Shoulder
  • Bodysuits
  • Florals
  • Bralettes
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Denim

But I still needed some inspiration, so I headed over to 2 of my favorite retailers for some help. 


As you guys know, I have a partnership with JustFab where I do some styling for them (but I wasn't paid for this post at all), so it's natural that because I know the inventory so well, I know what looks are perfect for this warm weather. 


These would definitely all be day looks for me. I thought I would hate mustard yellow/marigold on me, but I actually love it. If you're like me and are skeptical, an accessory is a great way to introduce this trend. The denim pieces are twists on the classic staple: the denim shirt features a floral applique and the denim vest is distressed. Off the shoulder is fun and playful for daytime; the romper comes in three colors (turquoise, coral, and black) and the midi dress hits the floral trend as well. Speaking of florals, I own these shoes and LOVE THEM! They are the perfect addition to any basic look (check me out).


While I don't have a working relationship with ASOS (yet), I absolutely l've their clothes. The majority of the clothes I own, I have purchased from either Nordstrom or ASOS and I have always been pleased with the quality.  One thing to know, since ASOS is a UK company, their sizing tends to run a bit on the larger end (yes, their clothes run big!), so make sure you read the sizing chart. 

Since we conquered the mustard yellow, denim, off shoulder and floral trends for day, let's look at the bodysuits, bell sleeves and bralettes for night.  I personally don't recommend wearing bralettes alone all willy nilly (even you if you have the perfect body), but I DO think they can be classy with high-waisted bottoms or under a sheer blouse.  If you don't have a bralette yet and want to try this trend, I recommend either black or white and lace - can't go wrong with lace.  I love the bell sleeve trend, but only in a subtle way lol.  This romper could be dressed up with heels or down with flats. The navy jumpsuit. I am thinking about ordering it for myself for date night.  And the black lace bell top is cut tucked in or left out. Finally, this plus size embellished bodysuit is life! I want it to wear with a ruched pencil skirt for church. 

What are your favorite trends? Do you have "warm weather anxiety"? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on instagram for even more fashion. 

XO, Kendra 

I. Need. HELP!

So I suck. Yes, I know. 

I haven't updated my blog since before The Stellar Awards and that was over a month ago. But here's the truth...I am busy. Like, super busy. And as much as I would like to devote time to writing, I just can't seem to get it together.  I don't have time to write, curate content, do edits or anything. 

I literally have only had time to do ministry and make money. That's it. So all of my current styling clients are set and good to go, but I am swimming in so many projects that I am barely keeping my head above water. 

With THAT being said, I am ready to bring on some kind of help. So I am looking for an intern.  I would like to work with someone for a couple of months and see how it goes before I go around handing out full-time jobs and contracts and what not. 

So if you are interested in working with me and learning about the industry, this position is for you.  I am looking for someone who:

  • is detail oriented. 
  • has good writing skills.
  • has a great personality and the ability to work with others. 
  • is social media savvy. 
  • can multitask.
  • has research skills.
  • can use a computer. 
  • is well-organized. 
  • has some interest in fashion. 

In a perfect world, this person lives in LA, BUT I am totally open to working virtually with no problem.  I'm looking at having someone who can spend about 10-15 hours a week working for/with me. 

If you are interested, shoot me an email with your resume and one paragraph on how you can be an asset and what you would like to learn.  You can click the link or email me at 

I have a great blog coming up about dressing for this CRAZY weather, so stay tuned! 

XO, Kendra

We're Giving Away Tulle Skirts!

Images: Society+

Images: Society+

Hey, y'all!  Can I tell you how excited I am to be sharing this with you guys? I'm like...uber excited. 

As many of you know, I am the queen of a good tulle skirt.  I really love them and consider them to be a wardrobe staple.  A lot of people disagree with me on that - tulle skirts are usually considered to be wild card items or pieces to add a bit of flash to a closet.  I quasi-agree with that in the sense that it CAN jazz up just about any look, BUT I think that every woman needs a bit of whimsy in her life. :) 

These aren't just ANY tulle skirts either. They are amazing and luxurious! They have 5 layers of premium tulle (6 layers in the long version), a satin inner layer for comfort and an elastic waistband for functionality.


I want to give away some tulle skirts! So, I am proud to announce that I am collaborating with Society+ to do just that!  Society+ is a super cool company that is devoted to diversity. Founded in 2015 by Michelle Crawford and Jessica Kane, Society+ is a plus-size e-commerce and lifestyle brand focused on body positivity.  I love them because they are honest about sizing and provide trendy clothes at a reasonable price.  

So here's the actual deal. To qualify for a free tulle skirt, you need to purchase a styling package from me. ANY package. Some of my services include closet cleanses, total wardrobe overhauls and personal shopping. You can check them out here.  Once you contact me to schedule a service, I'll add a free tulle skirt of your choice (colors and lengths are limited) and include ways to style it in your personal Style Lookbook. It's that simple! Buy a package and I'll add a free tutu! 


Maybe you don't want to make the great investment in yourself (or maybe you just don't want me to style you - fine, fine).  Still want a tulle skirt? You're in luck! Use THIS LINK and this code at checkout (moderntutulove) to get 20% off a short blush, short white, short black or long blush tulle skirt. How awesome is that?!

How would you rock YOUR tulle skirt? Tell me in the comments. Want to see more collaborations? Comment your favorite stores/brands and I'll see what I can do. :)

[#NoBODYLeftBehind: A Series on Body Types] THE RECTANGLE

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Can you believe that it's the end of the road?? This is the final body shape I am going to cover in this #NoBODYLeftBehind series.  Hopefully this has been helpful for you and your style journey! Let's dive in:

Believe it or not, this is by far my favorite shape to dress as a stylist. A person who is rectangle shaped is often looked at as having a boyish figure with no curves, but clothes can be used creatively to give the illusion of curves and create all types of beautiful silhouettes.  You are rectangle shape if:

  • Your waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar. 
  • Your bust is small.
  • Your waist is undefined.
  • Your hips are narrow.

Again, this is not a death sentence.  You have so many options when it comes to fashion. 

Images: Getty Images

Images: Getty Images

Generally, a person with a rectangle shape wants to create curves and a more feminine silhouette.  Here are some basic do's and don'ts to do just that:

  • DO wear a deep scoop or sweetheart neckline to create curves. 
  • DO wear long jackets to create a lean look.
  • DO wear tops with collars, ruffles and details to add volume to your chest.
  • DON'T wear overwhelming or super dramatic styles.
  • DO layer to add more dimensions.
  • DO wear dresses with ruching. Cinches on sides are ideal.
  • DO have fun with colorful bottoms.

I also included a downloadable infographic below that outlines the rectangle shape and what clothes look best on you.  If this is your body type, save this image to your phone and use it as a shopping guide; you'll immediately see the difference in your appearance. 

With every single body type, it is important to wear a good bra (lift and separate) and good foundational undergarments. Even the tiniest supermodels wear spanx when they are showcasing garments. The point is to smooth everything and make you look your very best!

Stay tuned for more from The Modern Disciple. Spring trend report coming soon! 

[#NoBODYLeftBehind: A Series on Body Types] THE INVERTED TRIANGLE

Hey y'all! I'm continuing the series on body types here for the next couple of days.  Hopefully, you're finding this information helpful in determining your shape and the best clothing for you. Let's jump right into today's shape:  

I always thought growing up that this was my body type - and to be honest, it was.  As I grew older, I started to get hips and they balanced out my shape.  In other words, I have a ton of experience dressing this body type. You are an inverted triangle if:

  • Your shoulders and chest are broad. 
  • You have a narrow waist and hips.
  • You may have an athletic build.

Images: Getty Images

Images: Getty Images

The goal in dressing ANY body type is balance.  In this case, you want to highlight the beautiful parts of your shape and disguise what you dislike. Here are some do's and don'ts:

  • DON'T wear spaghetti-strap tops.
  • DO wear bright colors on the bottom.
  • DO wear wide-leg pants.
  • DO wear full skirts.
  • DON'T wear boat neckline tops.
  • DO wear high-waisted styles.
  • DO look for clothes that create the illusion of a waist.

I also included a downloadable infographic below that outlines the inverted triangle shape and what clothes look best on you.  If this is your body type, save this image to your phone and use it as a shopping guide; you'll immediately see the difference in your appearance. 

The #NoBODYLeftBehind series is just starting. Only ONE more shape left! Tomorrow is the last day. Leave your comments, questions or concerns in the box below and I'll be sure to respond.  If you found this information helpful, feel free to share on social media too! XO, Kendra

[#NoBODYLeftBehind: A Series on Body Types] THE APPLE

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Hey y'all! I'm continuing the series on body types here for the next couple of days.  Hopefully, you're finding this information helpful in determining your shape and the best clothing for you. Let's jump right into today's shape:  

Though a lot of us (read: y'all) like apples (I hate apples except apple juice lol), women who are apple-shaped don't always feel liked.  Women who are apple-shaped tend to carry their plushness in the middle.  But it's cool. I promise it is.  Not sure if you're an apple? Here you go:

  • You have a larger bust and/or tummy. 
  • You have narrow hips. 
  • Your ribs and back may be broad. 

Images: Getty Images

Images: Getty Images

The goal in dressing ANY body type is balance.  You basically want to draw the attention away from your midsection and put the focus on your greatest assets. Here are some do's and don'ts:

  • DO wear monochromatic looks.
  • DON'T wear tight clothing around the torso.
  • DO wear empire tops and dresses. 
  • DO belt your waist at the smallest point.
  • DO wear shorter skirts to show off your legs and look taller.
  • DO wear bootcut pants to create balance. 

That's all I have.  I also included a downloadable infographic below that outlines the pear shape and what clothes look best on you.  If this is your body type, save this image to your phone and use it as a shopping guide; you'll immediately see the difference in your appearance. 

The #NoBODYLeftBehind series is just starting. There are only 2 more common feminine shapes left! I'll go over them in the next two days. Leave your comments, questions or concerns in the box below and I'll be sure to respond.  If you found this information helpful, feel free to share on social media too! XO, Kendra

[#NoBODYLeftBehind: A Series on Body Types] THE PEAR

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Hey there! I'm continuing the series on body types here for the next couple of days.  Hopefully, you're finding this information helpful in determining your shape and the best clothing for you. Let's jump right into today's shape:  

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As much as the hourglass is deemed the "perfect figure" by societal standards, we are seeing a huge wave of pear-shaped women being praised.  With the culture leaning more towards women with hips, booty and thighs, this season is for you!  You are pear-shaped if:

  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders.
  • Your booty is wider and larger than your chest. 
  • Your waist is well-defined. 

Images: Getty Images

Images: Getty Images

While many of us in the black community may feel like this is the "perfect body", there are still do's and don'ts that will keep your body balanced:

  • DON'T add volume to your lower body with ruffles and lots of layers.
  • DO rock a-line skirts. 
  • DO try to wear lighter tops and darker bottoms for balance. 
  • DO wear darker tops and lighter bottoms for emphasis. 
  • DO wear ruffles up top. 
  • DO show off arms and shoulders. 
  • DO wear jackets with hemlines that dance right at the hip.
  • DO wear a dramatic top. 

That's all I have.  I also included a downloadable infographic below that outlines the pear shape and what clothes look best on you.  If this is your body type, save this image to your phone and use it as a shopping guide; you'll immediately see the difference in your appearance. 

The #NoBODYLeftBehind series is just starting.  I'll be covering the other 3 common feminine shapes over the next three days. Leave your comments, questions or concerns in the box below and I'll be sure to respond.  If you found this information helpful, feel free to share on social media too! XO, Kendra