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Hey hey! Thanks for visiting! I’m Kendra Y. Hill, Creative Director + Tastemaker at The Modern Disciple. I became an entrepreneur in 2011 because I was bored. I had worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, the UNCF, Google and the San Antonio Spurs but I was just unfulfilled. After 6 years of running my own brand management firm, I decided it was time to finally pursue my passion for fashion. And through an act of God, I was working in the industry.

Along with clothes, I’m super passionate about travel (I’ve been to the Caribbean more times than I can count) and helping others. I share my international and domestic travel journey and fashion tips on my youtube channel. To help all of my aspiring tastemakers out there, I created the Who Gon’ Stop Me Masterclass to help you start working with major brands now.

I’m so excited to share my life with you! Stay tuned - you don’t want to miss anything. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need something.

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