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There are a lot of stylists out here in the world.  Have you ever wondered how to separate yourself from the pack? 

Most self-proclaimed stylists love fashion and can put together dope outfits, but can they run their actual business?  The key to being a great stylist isn't creating memorable looks.  The key to being a great stylist is running your business effectively. 

There aren't a ton of stylists running around with business degrees, so a lot of times they are learning through just trial and error versus utilizing proven business strategies to grow and maintain their business. 

Kendra Y. Hill, Founder of The Business of Styling School (B.O.S.S.) ran a successful brand management firm for 6 years before going full-time as a personal stylist + creative director.  This experience coupled with her Executive MBA from the Howard University School of Business has helped her secure clients who understand her value, pay her what she's worth (plus tax) and keep coming back for more.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet with Kendra one-on-one once a week (for 8 weeks) and hone your business skills in the fashion industry. Whether you're a current or aspiring personal stylist, fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist or celebrity stylist, this program is guaranteed to give you a deeper understanding of the business side of styling and give you the tools you need to succeed!  This is also an awesome opportunity to make your passion a full-time career.  Learn more about the program below. 



In the first part of B.O.S.S., you'll go through four modules that will lay the foundation for your business:

  • Module 1 - Who is Your Client? (frfr) and Some Basics
    • Fashion Styling Terminology 
    • Types of Stylists 
    • To Get an Agent or Not?
    • Choose Your Focus 
    • Get Inspired 
  • Module 2 - How This Works
    • The Styling Process
    • On-Boarding a Client (Virtual + In-Person)
    • How to Be Prepared for Anything 
    • Moodboard Development
    • Breathing Life Into a Moodboard 
    • Pulling Techniques 
    • On Set/Fitting 
    • Organizing Your Files 
  • Module 3 - Let's Work! 
    • Client Scenarios 
    • Worksheets, Templates and What Works Best for You
  • Module 4 - Pay Me What You Owe Me! 
    • Developing Your Portfolio
    • Finalize Your Service List
    • Properly Price Your Services 
    • Write Descriptions that Win!


In the second part of B.O.S.S., Kendra will help you develop the necessities to get your business in full swing:

  • Module 5 - Brand with the Best of Them 
    • Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan
    • Social Media Strategies and Planning 
    • How to Book Speaking Engagements 
    • Getting More Clients
    • How to Partner with Big Brands 
  • Module 6 - Becoming the Chief Operating Officer
    • Mastering and Filling You Sales Pipeline 
    • Managing Your Books
    • How + When to Invoice 
    • Legalities, Legalities 
    • Email Etiquette
  • Module 7 - Your Online Home
    • Create a website that reflects your business (if you don't have one)
    • Website audit (for those who have one already)
  • Module 8 - Let's Launch/Re-Launch! 
    • You have the experience and tools necessary to start growing your business and gaining clients.     Get excited! 




Kendra will meet with you via video once a week one-on-one to teach you and answer all of your questions. There isn't a single styling school that is this hands on with you as an individual. You'll literally have the opportunity to ask any question and get advice on a vast array of business and styling topics. Classes are based on your schedule and are booked in advance on a first come, first serve basis. These classes are also recorded so you can revisit the information again and again. 


This 8-week class is available for an investment of $800.  Payment plans are available; however, all payments must be rendered before final class and certificate is distributed. 


Let's get started now! There is limited availability for the amazing opportunity to learn from a stylist who has worked in various aspects of the fashion and entertainment industry.  Tuition rates change in September.