GiGi and Sabel have been friends since undergrad.  Their mutual collegiate friend Tatiana is having the grand opening for her first art museum in Phoenix, Arizona.  GiGi + Sabel decided to take a roadtrip from Los Angeles to support their friend. En route and in the middle of nowhere, they had a major blowout with no spare. While waiting on help in the sweltering heat, they decided to find refuge at the nearest motel. Since they were already running late, the girls thought it best to rent a room and get ready for Tatiana’s event in the hopes of arriving in Phoenix just in the nick of time. 


Photography: Kali Rhe of Rhedeont Photography  |  Creative Direction + Styling: Kendra Y. Hill of The Modern Disciple
Make Up: Jonetta M. Davis of FaceChangeHer Makeup Artistry  |  Hair: Tiffany Edwards of Penny Lane Salon & Boutique  |  Nails: Sandy Clark of Tangerine Salon  
Models: Gabriella Wisdom + Jaisha Haynes  |  Assistant: Laureen Murumbei


Gabriella's Dress: Cache´ |  Jaisha's Pajama Set: Thrifted  |  Gabriella's Shoes: Model's Own  |  Jaisha's Shoes: Thrifted  |  Lingerie: Thrifted
All Jewelry: Stylist's Own  |  Duffle Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Dog: Jenny