Walking through the tough streets of her hometown, she reflects on the hardships of her youth and turmoil of her past.  It's not easy being a Jane of All Trades in a city that doesn't love her.  Juggling work, school and her growing kids is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hustle is what she knows and it's what keeps her going.  Everybody wants their 'big break' and she knows that hers is on the horizon. Though the city keeps reminding her of her struggles, it also reminds her of who she really is.  She's a queen who is adorned in gold, kissed by the sun, and crowned in glory.  

She's royalty. 


Photography: Kali Rhe of Rhedeont Photography  |  Creative Direction + Styling: Kendra Y. Hill of The Modern Disciple
Make Up: Jonetta M. Davis of FaceChangeHer Makeup Artistry  |   Model: Erica Jae


Erica's Bodysuit: BooHoo  |  Erica's Pants and Shoes: Model's Own  |  Jewelry: Stylist's Own