Personal Stylist Tips: Organizational Tools

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Behind all of the glitz and glam of being a personal stylist one must become extremely organized to be successful. When balancing multiple clients, photoshoots, deadlines, pulls, files, and more; it is essential that you have the necessary materials to keep you on top of your game.  I've listed some of tools that we use here at The Modern Disciple that will keep you organized to maximize time and help ease your work week.

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Google calendar is one of the most efficient ways for you to plan out your days in one simple and easy place. With your Gmail account you can automatically have events and meetings scheduled right to your calendar. You can share your calendar directly with others such so they can view your schedule. You also have the ability to create a calendar that multiple people can edit so there are no scheduling conflicts. Google will also notify you of upcoming events/meetings so you are always in the loop. This tool is especially helpful to you as a stylist because it eases communication efforts between you and your clients and/or staff and will keep you notified throughout your day of things you have coming up.

With the use of Trello storing our client information has never been easier. This website provides you with a great space to create a board where you can create a pipeline of your client contact information along with any additional details you may want to add. We have set up our board so that you can see information on prospective clients, current clients, former clients, and so on in stages. From there you can edit each of your client cards with contact info, links, schedule dates, and more!


Canva has been a godsend when it comes to making graphics for just about any of our design needs. The website (and app) provides you with custom made layouts that can be edited to your needs with a simple to use program setup. It provides you with millions of images, photo filters, free icons/shapes, and hundreds of fonts. No need to spend hours in photoshop or illustrator!




If you have ever used a google spreadsheet we highly recommend using this for your business needs. This is a great way to track your social media, clients, spending, or wardrobe pieces in a single file. When using one of these spreadsheets through google you are able to share this file with your team so they have access to the information and can edit right into the sheet. Another great feature to this is that it saves automatically! This program works very much like micorsoft Excel (which is another program we love)!


All of these programs and websites have been amazing resources that have assisted us in staying organized and prepared as a stylist. Let us know if you try one of these out and if it works for you!

Style Icon Profile: Tracee Ellis Ross

You might have seen the 2017 Golden Globe Winner for Best Actress - Tracee Ellis Ross on the hit show Black-ish. Born to the legacy of Diana Ross, Tracee has been exposed to talent and glamour all her life. Her career started in independent films and has expanded to TV host, comedian, model, producer and motivational speaker as well.

And of course a style icon.

Her personal style shines effortlessly whether she is gracing Hollywoods elite events or simply in her everyday life. My favorite thing about her style is she doesn’t play by the rules and she lets her creativity flow. I’ve chosen some of my favorite looks that I thought to be her best looks of 2017 so far!

The first look I've chosen is her Golden Globe's outfit! She wore a silver strapless Zuhair Murad Couture cage dress, pumps, and paired it bold diamond rings to top off the look. It was simple and classic in elegance but what really made her stand out at this event was the the lone jewelry she wore armored only in rings. Here she makes a statement with her choice to accessorize solely with her hands but aren't they the perfect match to go with her Globe award? 

Yes Tracee yesss! Can we just talk about the boot heaven Tracee has thrown me into? Her street style in New York this past February has been off the charts. Her casual chicness flows seamlessly through each of these photos where she rocks stylish handbags, tailored coats, and of course those boots!

Photo courtesy of  Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Lastly Tracee's Instagram is full of style inspiration. Follow her on Instagram to see for yourself! Whats there not to love about this look? The detailed jacket, giant earrings, white pointed pumps, and lace dress are all a big giant YASSS in my book. 

For more all things Tracee Ellis Ross check out her website where she talks style, beauty, hair, food, musings, and well-being. Let us know what you think!