Holiday Lookbook 2017


Can you believe the holidays are already here?? It seems like just yesterday it was January 2017! Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while as I've been so busy with other projects (read: Garbed in Modesty Magazine) that I haven't had a chance to write here. I promise to do better in the new year! 

I really wanted to put together a non-traditional holiday lookbook, so my crew and I took off to Vegas and made this lookbook happen. I used Kali Rhe of Rhedeont Photography on the camera and Jonetta Davis of FaceChangeHer Makeup Artistry on this beat! Huge thanks to you both! Comment below and let me know which one of these looks is your favorite!


Look 1-1.jpg
Look 1-2.jpg
Look 1-3.jpg

Maybe you're like me and you live in black all year (and that's fine!). Jazz it up with a sexy top and a statement shoe. These glitter gold bow pumps have been my fave for over a year! And how awesome are these harem pants? Yes, harem pants can be dressy!



Look 2-1.jpg
Look 2-2.jpg
Look 2-3.jpg

A lot of people get intimidated when faced with a WHOLE sequin blazer, but it's really simple - pair it with a neutral. Whether you're rocking a solid piece like this gold blazer or a multi-colored sequin piece ('ll see), pairing it with a neutral creates balance.  I got this tulle dress from Lane Bryant on clearance eons ago, so don't kill me because you can't find it. I found you an alternative though...



Look 3-1.jpg
Look 3-2.jpg
Look 3-3.jpg

So CLEARLY, I was feeling myself! lol If you watch the video (yes, there's a video - I'll link below), I was literally dancing on a rooftop.  That's how good this jacket made me feel! I'm all about the appearance of fur, without actually killing an animal to get it, and this jacket delivers! 



Look 4-1.jpg
Look 4-2.jpg
Look 4-3.jpg

Remember that little rule about sequins and neutrals? applies here. I was walking around Vegas like I was THEE Selena Quintanilla! I really did have an amazing time shooting this lookbook. It took me out of my comfort zone and gave me such a greater level of respect for these fashion bloggers lol.  I repurposed the croptop from my GS two piece (with the harem pants) and wore it under my jacket. Speaking of...if you want this jacket, sorry...its vintage. I really recommend going to your local thrift and consignment shops to find a treasure of your own. 


If you haven't watched tis lookbook in video form, what are you waiting for? Check it out on my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE. I plan on shooting many more videos in 2018. 

Tell me which look was your favorite in the comment box and let m know about any other lookbooks you might want to see next year!