All That Glitters: Elevating Your Style with Mixed Metals

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I’ve been running The Business of Styling School for over a month now (#plug - if you’re an aspiring stylist, head over to the B.O.S.S. page to learn more) and I talk to roughly ten stylists every week.   The school doesn’t teach a stylist how to actually style; rather, it teaches how to run your business as a stylist. 

So, I was sitting in a session with one of my students (Hey Lani! lol) and I sent her some images to look at.  Immediately she says, “Eww. Who styled this? You can’t mix metals.” Now - I didn’t know how to respond.  One, because I am the person who styled it; and two, because mixing metals is not a crime.

While I grew up in the era where everyone was matching their shoes, scrunchies (yes, scrunchies) and shirts, I know that being matchy-matchy is totally not a thing now.  I remember my grandmother making sure that her shoes matched her handbag because God forbid she wore a cognac shoe with a black purse [insert eye roll here].

Back to Lani. I responded and said, “You don’t mix metals?” She said, “No. I think it’s tacky.”  Forty-five minutes later, I had converted her to a mixed metals believer.  And I intend to do the same with you now. :)

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Though there are in fact metals that may look “better” with certain colors, you can literally wear any metal with anything.  Take the color emerald green for instance.  Paired with silver, it looks cool and relaxed whereas gold makes emerald green appear more regal.  Throw on rose gold and the look instantly becomes feminine and soft. But if you wanted to wear multiple metals a one time, how would you do it?  I’m glad you asked.


Even though you're making gumbo with your jewelry, you still need a dominant color.  Much like making the NOLA staple with a roux base, you need to pick your metal base.  From there, you can choose another one or two metals to add to the mix.  Wearing a primary metal and then adding accents keeps the look cohesive and modern without making you look like a gypsy. 


Varying the texture of your jewelry brings visual interest to your overall look. You can do this by mixing a gold watch with a silver bangle and gold chain bracelet. My favorite texture to add is sparkles. Take a simple gold chain and add a shiny silver layer on top of it. Throw a matte metal necklace into the mix and you're good as gold! Get it? 


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The chicest look when mixing metals is actually super simple.  Pair your mixed jewelry with a monochromatic look.  Everyone looks good in all black, but you can make unbroken black your very own by being mindful of the jewelry you're adding.  Not down for head to toe one color? Jus wear neutrals.  Take any of the pieces from The Essentials List and then pile on the glitz and glam! 

Are you down to try out mixed metals? Have you always been dope?  Or did I convert you? Let me know in the comments below.